The Voodoo Club presents
Got to Go-Go III - Fri June 26
------------------------- B-Movie Edition -------------------------

From ’45 till the early ‘70s of the 20th century, Mechelen was one of those true cities of Belgian cinema showing all kinds of material on screen… cult, blue, obscure & mainstream movies.

In this 3rd episode of ‘Got to Go-Go’ we'll take you on an odyssey into B-movies. Come and do the Frankenstomp with Satan's Pilgrims (USA’s finest ghoulish guitar slingers) or shag your ‘Fiorella’ on Los Venturas’ (BE) mindexpanding grooves. From France we present you the fabulous and exciting Wanda De Lullabies. Her vintage burlesque act will be the evenings ‘icing on the cake’.

This event will take place at the matching historic site 'Hof van Busleyden'. Doors will open at 19pm. For only €5 our ghastly/fiendish doorkeeper will be happy to let you in. Once inside, you'll be able to see an expo of Mechelen’s rich movie culture accompanied by a selection of outstanding local beers and tasty food...

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Locatie: Hof van Busleyden - Frederik de Merodestraat 65, Mechelen
Doors: 19:00u
First band: 21:00u
DJ's: 00:00u - ...?u
Damage: €5